domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Finally this model sheet is up. 
Never really had the chance to finish it before.
I tried to keep the character simple just in case I decide animating her for some reason. But, yea, idk what I am going to do about the multiple markings she has.


A little about Lorac: (more on that, later)

She's a young gryphon that needs to learn how to become one of her kind but is always finding it hard - or even impossible - to connect with others on a higher level. You would probably find Lorac isolated from the others and full of thoughts. It's pretty rare to see her being optimistic about her own capacities and future, even though moments like this do happen when she's not over thinking everything. She can be clearly grumpy and somewhat uncertain/ defensive towards strange griffins getting too close. However, when one wins her trust she's able to show them her kind and goofy side.

-One of the activities she enjoys the most is to contemplate vast spaces from the top of of any high hill, wondering about the possibilities...but never taking a leap(....)

I will elaborate more when I'm done with this book about the brazilian fauna.