domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Attempt to paint with guache

Well, like I promised myself, here I am to post stuff.
I'm currently taking a much needed drawing course at Quanta, a famous art school in São Paulo/Brazil, and I'll probably post many of the stuff that I create for the course here just as some sort of record for the future Carol.

In this course we have a few modules, like chromatic theory. In this module we learned to use the color wheel to produce  colors by mixing them up, just like in kindergarten. I was really excited about those lessons because I felt that I really could use a break from the digital tools I rely on to create art. And, also, because I need to strengthen my art fundamentals background.

We used gauche, which is a paint I've never used before. The technique we learned was to used the paint with less water, going for something more opaque. I've briefly painted with watercolors so I had and still have to adjust my way of thinking when it comes to painting with gouache. I still don't get how to achieve a cool texture with it. Not too dry, not too diluted.

Sadly I lost most of the classes in this module so I probably didn't develop as much as I could if I took all classes and practiced more at home. However, I'll still try to develop my abilities regarding painting with gouache even with a new module coming up, anyways. We'll see...maybe I'll just go back to watercolors. However, I know for a fact that I miss painting traditionally.

And since I don't have a proper scanner at the moment, the pics were taken by my phone.

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