Commission Info

Since I'm getting started to taking commissions, my prices will be lower at first, however, if I feel the need, I will eventually raise them as time goes by. Prices may vary a lot according to the type of work.

  • Bust Sketch: $6
  • Full Body Sketch : $11
  • Colored Full Body Sketch : $13
( additional character: extra $6) / (colored: extra $6)

  • Bust Lineart: $8
  • Full Body Lineart: $13
( additional character: extra $6)

Animated Icons
  • 150x150 Simple (blinking, moving head): $10
  • 150x150 Complex: $25

Digital.1)  Cartoon
  • Bust Painted Shading: $20
  • Flat Color: $18  (with complex Background + 10$ )
  • Flat Color / Cell Shaded: $24 (with complex Background + 10$ )
  • Full Body Painted Shading with Simple Background: $30
  • Full Body Painted Shading with Complex Background: $40
 ( additional character: extra $14)

Digital.2) Realistic/Portrait
  • Animal: $60
  • Human: $80
( additional character: extra $35)


Send me an email. It's harder to set a price with such things, without knowing the size of the sculpture desired and where the interested person lives, to calculate the shipping awith all the protection the sculpture will need while it's being delivered.


  1. Payment only through PayPal. For people in Brazil, I take bank deposit.
  2. As suggestions from friends, I recieve first, then I deliver the product. That way I won't have problems with people not paying me.
  3. About Copyright: I have the right to use all comissions as portifolio.
  4. I may reject the commission offer, so don't pay me before I have agreed on the job. 

                                          COMISSION ME - HOW TO DO IT   


  1. Send me a note on my DeviantArt, FurAffinity or email me, letting me know what you want, the type of the commission, how many characters and with a link to their references.
  2. I will read your message and decide if I am able to do the work. Accepting the proposal or not, I will message you back; if I decide to take it, I will tell you the price and send you my PayPal address.
  3. You will send another message confirming your solicitation and then make the deposit and I will add you to my Commission List. 
  4. Send the payment as a GIFT. So paypal won't take any extra fees from the whole price. It already takes 1,50$ for 20 and sometimes more!
  5. Once I see the payment on my Paypal, I will sketch what you want, show you and wait for your approval so I can finish the work. Note that I will only make changes at this point, so be sure before you approve.
  6. You'll get your picture at the highest resolution, if you want.
  7. The deadline I normally set to myself is a month (30 days). It may vary a little according to the work. May be less of more.
OBSPlease pay the fee or add the value (about 1.50$ per 20$)


To some people it may sound expensive, though most of them doesn't really know how much time, effort and research an artist spend with only one piece of work. If you think the prices are too high, think about how many ages, how much money(with food, teachers,books, bills, art material) the artist had to spend to get on the level they are today. If considering all of that doesn't convince you, I'm not really the person for the job you want.

Also, I wanted to thank people that have been helping me with my doubts about comissions and such.